Go For It

It’s been decided.

My husband Jon and I are packing up. Quitting our beautiful jobs. Leaving the Maui paradise. And traveling abroad.

WHAT?! Leaving PARADISE?! Who would do such a thing..? Well, we are.Jon and Tiffany

Jon and I are in our early twenties, with no debt, no concrete careers, no kids, no responsibilities, no commitments, and we LOVE traveling and what it does for us. After traveling abroad once a year to a new country, we’ve decided to just go for it. What’s holding us back?!!


We backpacked through Italy for 3 weeks last year and haven’t been able to get Europe out of our dreams since.

We are going to explore our heritages in Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Italy, drink in pubs in England, see castles in Scotland, dip our toes in the French Riviera, hike the Alps in Switzerland, yodel in Austria, experience the blue topped roofs in Santorini Greece, and stuff our selves silly with food and wine all the while. There are countless options when all the countries are only borders away, rather than oceans away (that’s what we are used to).

Please feel free to offer advice, country suggestions, backpacking tips, etc. while we plan for our trip.

We plan to leave Maui ::sniff sniff:: the second week of May, catch up with our family we haven’t seen much of for 3 years, and then jet out July 2nd, stop in New York for Fourth of July, and land in our first European city LONDON on July 8th.

To stay clued into our life in Paradise before we leave, check out our blog: http://russosinparadise.blogspot.com/2014/03/whale-watching-in-maui.html